Announcing a special collaboration
coming in Spring 2023 between Cardcaptor Sakura and Q-pot. & Q-pot CAFE!
Q-pot. is celebrating Cardcaptor Sakura's 25th anniversary!
The celebration will include a special menu and merchandise inspired by the world of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card. Check out below for more details!
Announcing a special collaboration coming in Spring 2023 between Cardcaptor Sakura and Q-pot. & Q-pot CAFE!
Q-pot. is celebrating Cardcaptor Sakura's 25th anniversary!
The celebration will include a special menu and merchandise inspired by the world of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card. Check out below for more details!

Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP (Presales)

Sales open: March 31, 2023 (Fri) 12:00~

Q-pot. Store Sales (Open sales)

Sales open: April 1, 2023 (Sat)
Shops: Q-pot. Omotesando Flagship Shop/Q-pot. TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN Solamachi Shop/Q-pot. Takashimaya Shinjuku Shop/Q-pot. IKSPIARI Shop/Q-pot. Lucua 1100 Shop
*Business hours vary per location.Please check the store details before your visit.

Q-pot CAFE. Eat In & Merchandise

Venue: Q-pot CAFE. Omotesando Flagship Shop
Event period: April 1, 2023 (Sat) ~ May 10 (Wed)
First half: April 1 (Sat) ~ April 20 (Thu), 2023
Second half: April 21 (Fri) ~ May 10 (Wed), 2023
Hours: 12:00~20:00 (Shop closes 20:00)
Reservations Available: from March 16, 2023 (Thu) 12:00
Q-pot CAFE. Reservations
*Please make advanced reservations online. Reservations are handled in order.
Q-pot CAFE. Omotesando Flagship Shop Map
Access: 〒150-0001
3-4-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
1F: Q-pot CAFE. Omotesando Flagship Shop / 2F/ 3F: Q-pot. Omotesando Flagship Shop (Shop Floors)
*During the collaboration period, only the collaboration menu is available.The standard Q-pot CAFE. menu is not available for order. Thank you for your understanding.
*If you do not arrive at the cafe during your reservation time, you will not be able to enter.
*Please show your reservation confirmation email when you arrive.

(New Information)

May 16, 2023
Great news from the Q-pot CAFE. x Cardcaptor Sakura collaboration!
Sakura's Sweet Mug will go on sale, along with a partial restock of some cafe goods!
This is a great opportunity for fans who were unable to visit Q-pot CAFE.

Q-pot CAFE. x Cardcaptor Sakura Collaboration Cafe Goods
On sale from May 19, 2023, 12:00~
Sold from Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP

*Products will not be available at Q-pot CAFE. Omotesando Flagship Shop or from Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP.
*There is a purchase limit of 5 per person for each item.
*Quantities are limited, and sales will end when stock runs out. There are no made-to-order items.
*Sakura's Sweet Collectible Cans (petit four sec) will not be available for preorder. We appreciate your understanding.
▼Sakura's Sweet Mug
March 10, 2023
A surprise for Sakura!The collaboration between Q-pot. and Cardcaptor Sakura starts April 1, 2023 (Sat)!☆ The full details we've all been waiting for are finally revealed!!
Cardcaptor Sakura is beloved by people of all ages around the world.
In April of 2022 the anime celebrated its 25th anniversary. To commemorate this occassion, we're holding a special collaboration between Cardcaptor Sakura and Q-pot. & Q-pot CAFE.!!
And today we're revealing everything you can look forward to in this collab!!
It all starts on Sakura's birthday, Saturday, April 1!☆
March 10, 2023
About the Q-pot CAFE. collaboration
From April 1, 2023 (Sat) to May 10 (Wed),
Q-pot CAFE. brings the world of Cardcaptor Sakura to life in a lovely menu of sweets you can eat!
Reservations (required) for the collaboration cafe will be available from 12:00 on Thursday, March 16, 2023!!

*Please make advanced reservations online. Reservations are handled in the order received.Depending on openings, walk-ins may be available.
March 10, 2023
Regarding the products
・Some sold-out products will be available for order.
・The following items however, will not be available for order.Washi Tape set / Glass Tumbler / All food items
・Sakura's Sweet Collectible Cans (petit four sec) will be available for preorder.
・Preorders will be closed when orders have reached a set amount.

Order period: Until April 30, 2023 (Sun)
Estimated delivery: From late August 2023
*Delivery dates may change due to reasons related to the production.
*Orders cannot be canceled, altered, or refunded.

Purchase Limits:
All accessories, Eau de Toilette: Limited to 1 item each per person on the first day of sales
Washi Tape sets: up to 3 each per person
Glass Tumbler, All food items: up to 5 each per person
Cafe menu items:
Up to 3 items per person (Special drinks have no order limit)
*The following items will not be available on Q-pot. INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP.
Eau de Toilette / Glass Tumbler / All food items
March 10, 2023
A request to our customers when visiting the shop
・Please take care not to inconvenience our neighbours or other customers.This includes actions such as trading items, cutting in line, eating or drinking, smoking, sitting down, or staying in the area for a long period of time.
・We do not take responsibility for any trouble or accidents with other customers or thefts that occur in or around the shop.
・We request that customers visiting Q-pot./Q-pot CAFE. Omotesando Flagship shops please use public transportation, and refrain from coming by car or taxi.
March 10, 2023
Regarding the prevention of COVID-19
Q-pot. and Q-pot CAFE. have taken the utmost precautions to ensure a safe environment and prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections.
We ask that all customers also take measures to prevent infection when visiting the shops.

(Q-pot. × Cardcaptor Sakura Collaboration)

Make a surprise for Sakura-chan. Q-pot. celebrates the 25th year of Cardcaptor Sakura!
Look at it, wear it, taste it, and you will feel happy. Enjoy the accessories and sweets♡
Sakura's Book of the Clow Cards Necklace
Necklace 28,600 yen
The high skill of Made in Japan makes Sakura-chan's Clow cCards bBook a luxurious and adorable necklace that likened to glossy chocolate.
You will find The Sweet sealed in the melty pages if you open the book that the cover has been transformed into chocolate by her magic. The conceptual and original design by Q-pot. is so attractive.
The high-end necklace with delicate decorations is a must-have item for Cardcaptor Sakura's fan.
Sakura's Magical Padlock Necklace
Necklace 15,400 yen
"Release!!" Magical Padlock with Key of the Seal and Key of the Star!
The elegant and cute Sakura's Magical Padlock Necklace is designed with a melty keyhole for inserting a key. You can be the next Sakura-chan by enjoying the coordinate of matching it with Melty Key of the Seal & Melty Key of the Star series♡
(*The padlock necklace cannot actually be unlocked.)
Melty Key of the Seal Necklace / Melty Key of the Star Necklace/Melty Key of the Seal Pierced Earring (1 Piece) / Melty Key of the Seal Charm/Melty Key of the Star Pierced Earring (1 Piece) / Melty Key of the Star Charm
Necklace 13,200 yen each
Earring (single)/Charm 7,700 yen each
Sakura-chan's "Key of the Seal" and "Key of the Star" turn into good-looking and glossy accessories like juicy fruits candy that handmade and carefully colored each.
Complete Sakura-chan coordinate with the separately sold "Sakura's Magical Padlock Necklace".
Sakura's Dress Cupcake Necklace/Sakura's Dress Cupcake Bag Charm
Necklace 13,200 yen
Bag Charm 11,550 yen
Sakura-chan's battle dresscostume turns into a fluffy cupcake under Q-pot.'s magic. Bow cookie and pure white meringue feathers inspired by Sakura-chan on top with plenty of strawberry cream.
Kero-chan's Sandwich Biscuit Necklace/Kero-chan's Sandwich Biscuit Bag Charm/Kero-chan's Sandwich Biscuit Ring / Kero-chan's Sandwich Biscuit Pierced Earring (1 Piece) / Kero-chan's Sandwich Biscuit Clip-On Earring (1 Piece)
Necklace 11,000 yen
Bag Charm 9,900 yen
Ring/Earring (single)/Clip-on Earring (single) 6,600 yen each
Kero-chan's lovely face is in the form of a cute sandwich Biscuit filled with melty cream♡
Kero-chan's Sakura Meringue Necklace / Kero-chan's Sakura Meringue Pierced Earring (1 Piece) / Kero-chan's Sakura Meringue Bag Charm
Necklace 9,900 yen
Earring (single) 5,500 yen
Bag Charm 7,700 yen
A delicious combination of crispy, light and melt-in-your-mouth sakura meringue and Kero-chan, a foodie who loves sweets. Enjoy sakura and the season dyed in pink with little Kero-chan.
Sakura and Kero-chan's Melty Drop Necklace / Sakura and Kero-chan's Melty Drop Ring / Sakura and Kero-chan's Melty Drop Pierced Earring (1 Piece)
Necklace 22,000 yen
Ring 22,000 yen
Earring (single) 14,300 yen
This series is for you, who admired and loved Sakuara-chan and who have grown into a wonderful person over time
The silver is coated with pink gold, and the glittering sakura drop that cute Kero-chan holding is pink cubic zirconia.
The jewelries will bring you back to the time you spent with Sakura-chan and Kero-chan, when the memories are sweet and nostalgic. With a mini design that can be worn in the office, casually show off your love for Sakura-chan.

Novelty Novelty

(L) Light off (R) Light on
Sakura's Sweet Light-Up Accessory Stand
Customers who purchase Cardcaptor Sakura x Q-pot.
collaboration items for a total of 44,000 yen (tax incl.) or more will receive Sakura's Magical Light-Up Accessory Stand, decorated with special artwork of Sakura!♡
It can be used as a place to keep accessories, or as a light by your bed or in the living room!♪
*Cafe items (eat-in menu/take-out items) do not apply.
※Numbers limited.

Cafe Menu
(Q-pot. x Cardcaptor Sakura Collaboration Menu)

Novelty Novelty
(Novelty items when ordering from the eat-in menu)

Sakura's Sweet Collection Cards
One random card from Sakura's Sweet Collection per sweet menu item will be given to eat-in customers at Q-pot CAFE.!
There are a total of 8 different cards. They each feature Sakura wearing one of the battle costumes made for her by Tomoyo. Each one is so cute you'll want to collect them all! They're sure to have you coming back to Q-pot CAFE. again and again.
*Cards are not included with drink orders.
*A total 8 designs (2 designs limited to the first half of the event, 2 designs limited to the second half of the event, 4 designs available throughout the event) will be given out at random.
*Size approx. 110×110mm
※Numbers limited.


(Q-pot. x Cardcaptor Sakura
Collaboration Goods)

Sakura's Sweet Eau de Toilette
7,480 yen
A lovely cherry blossom eau de toilette that grows sweeter as time goes on, sealed in a little bottle decorated with a melting magic circle.
A touch of gold glitter makes it sparkle beautifully.
The fragrance has an elegant sweetness, like cherry blossoms floating in the sky on a warm early-spring day.
As time goes on, the scent evolves into notes of jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley, then rounds off with a sweet vanilla fragrance.
All together it will fill you with satisfaction akin to partaking of the most delicious dessert together with your cherished friend, Sakura.
*Comes with a special cherry blossom pink box designed after Sakura.

・Top notes
Cherry Blossom
・Middle notes
Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Floral Accord
・Base notes
Vanilla, Musk
Sakura's Sweet Washi Tape Set (Set includes 2 wide + 1 thin types) 2 varieties
1,980 yen each
This gorgeous set of washi tape is made with Sakura wearing her battle costumes made by Tomoyo. You'll feel just like Tomoyo capturing videos of Sakura's adventures when you decorate everything around you with your favorite images of Sakura.

Cafe Goods

(Q-pot. x Cardcaptor Sakura
Collaboration Cafe Goods)

You'll definitely want to collect all of Sakura's sweet collectible cans.
There are a total of 4 varieties made with Sakura wearing the battle costumes made for her by Tomoyo. The inside is also different for each, so there's 4 times the delicious joy to be found!
And of course, you get to keep the container after you're done eating.
The cans are perfect for storing notes, washi tape, and other stationary items,
or hair ties and accessories, making it a great item to use in the office or at home. These collectible cans are a must-have both for yourself and as a gift!
Sakura's Sweet Glass Tumbler
2,530 yen
A glass tumbler perfect for the upcoming warm seasons. Each melty Q-pot CAFE. glass tumbler is printed with a sweet illustration of Sakura.
She'll gaze up at you cutely each time you pour a new drink.♡
Try making your own original concoctions, using pink drinks that evoke Sakura together with energetic sparkling sodas!
Sakura's Sweet Mug
2,530 yen
"I wish I could take Sakura home with me or to the office!"
If you've ever thought something like that, then this mug is here to grant your wish!
The calming pink gives it an elegant feel. The simple design featuring Kero and
whipped cream accents on this Q-pot CAFE. mug is a great match for your own little cafe moment.
It's sure to help you relax both at home and in the office.
Sakura's Sweet Collectible Cans (petit four sec)
~A Special set with Sakura's Collectible Cans~
2,916 yen
A Cardcaptor Sakura version of Q-pot CAFE.'s popular petit four sec set of lovely jewel-like delicious sweets. It includes Kero plain cookies, crispy cherry blossom merengues, marbled strawberry cookies, and more.
This petit four sec is like a treasure chest filled with cookies and comes with one of Sakura's Sweet Collectible Cans for a surprise sure to make any Sakura fan happy.♪
This petit four sec set feels super special and makes your tea time at home seem just like you're at a cafe!
Sakura's Sweet Collectible Cans (Cherry Blossom Flavored Tea)
1,944 yen
This fragrant cherry blossom tea is similar to a popular Japanese sweet known as "sakura-mochi".
The tea leaves are carefully selected for Q-pot. CAFE, and come in cute packaging.
This tea is a blend created especially for this collaboration with spring-picked first flush tea leaves from Ilam, Nepal, beloved by tea drinkers around the world, and Japanese Yaezakura leaves. The clear, crisp taste of spring-picked tea leaves and the robust fragrance of cherry leaves results in a unique, aromatic tea. We invite you to experience this delicious cherry blossom tea blended just for Sakura.
Sakura's Sweet Collectible Cans (Fruit Candy Gummies)
1,944 yen
These fruit candy gummies were made to evoke the Cardcaptor Sakura anime's ending song, "FRUIT CANDY".
There are two flavors, sweet and tart pink grapefruit and refreshing orange!
Relive your memories while enjoying these juicy, fruity gummy candies and listening to "FRUIT CANDY"!
Sakura's Sweet Collectible Cans (Custard Cream-Filled Marshmallow Hearts)
1,944 yen
A set of cute marshmallows with 4 different illustrations.
These marshmallows are soft to the touch and melt in your mouth. You can't stop at just one! Creamy custard centers give the marshmallows a well-rounded sweetness.
Sakura's Sweet Wasanbon
1,404 yen
Q-pot CAFE.'s wasanbon Japanese sweets bursting with the joy of a glorious springtime dressed up for Cardcaptor Sakura.
These traditional Japanese sweets melt in your mouth with all the flavors of the four seasons. With the addition of heart and star-shaped wasanbon sweets, we've created a collection that is a perfect match for Sakura's world. And don't miss the packaging with Sakura dressed up in a spring-like battle costume.


About Q-pot.
Q-pot. is the accessories brand created by designer, Tadaaki Wakamatsu.
These lovely and unique "positive accessories" based around motifs of chocolate, macarons, cookies and other sweets have garnered attention from around the world,
and the brand has gone on to do a variety of collaborations with many companies in different industries.

Q-pot CAFE., where customers can eat real sweets that look like Q-pot.'s accessories, opened in 2012 in Omotesando, Tokyo.
Q-pot. is also involved in a number of charity endeavors, hoping to link a "chain of smiles" around the world.