Message from Yuzuru Hanyu


Message from Yuzuru Hanyu

On sale December 20, 2023!
The "GIFT" picture book is a
dream collaboration
between Yuzuru Hanyu and CLAMP
that's sure to make fans happy.

Following the success of the "GIFT"
show held in Tokyo Dome,
Yuzuru Hanyu has more eyes
on him than ever,
and now he's collaborating
with world-famous creators, CLAMP!
The book is written by Yuzuru Hanyu
and illustrated by CLAMP.
The story of "GIFT" will
live on as a picture book
after the performance run is finished,
making it a very special gift from
Yuzuru Hanyu and CLAMP
to fans all around the world.
This miraculous collaboration came about
in answer to the passionate wishes received from fans.
The first editions of the book will come with
a 2 bonus postcards! Don't miss out!
This website will be updated with information such as the status of CLAMP's illustrations
and interviews with Hanyu in preparation for the release of the "GIFT" picture book.
We hope you enjoy it!


CLAMP have released a new illustration for the picture book "GIFT"!

A brand-new illustration by CLAMP for the picture book "GIFT" will appear for the first time in the January edition of VOCE (which comes with a scalp brush)!

The Illustration by CLAMP for the picture book "GIFT and limited first-edition postcard bonus gifts are now available!

The illustration by CLAMP for the picture book "GIFT," which was first published in the January issue of "VOCE" (scalp brush gift edition) for sale November 22, is now available again.
There are three types of postcard designs for the limited first-edition bonus gifts.

The "GIFT" Picture Book Bonus
- Live-action version "GIFT" booklet (includes Yuzuru Hanyu's photos and an interview)
- Two postcards (fist-edition exclusive offer)
*Of the three postcard designs (two photos of Mr. Hanyu, one CLAMP illustration), one photo of Mr. Hanyu will be included at random along with one CLAMP illustration (total of two cards). We do not accept requests for designs or exchanges.

CLAMP illustration

Postcard: CLAMP illustration

Postcard: Photo 1 of Mr. Hanyu

Postcard: Photo 2 of Mr. Hanyu

Yuzuru Hanyu appears on the cover of the January issue of “VOCE” on sale today, November 22!
CLAMP’s illustration & picture book cover visual for the first time!

Ahead of the release of the picture book “GIFT”, Yuzuru Hanyu appears on the cover of the January issue of “VOCE” for the first time.
The magazine will feature the photos of Yuzuru Hanyu inspired by the motifs of the picture book, as well as the story behind the realization of this dream collaboration.
In addition, the illustration by CLAMP and the cover visual of the picture book “GIFT” will be shown for the first time in the magazine.
The title of the cover is handwritten by Yuzuru Hanyu.
The picture book will be accompanied by a booklet containing a live-action version of “GIFT,” with new photos and an interview with Mr. Hanyu.

“VOCE” Jan. 2024 issue with Sculp Brush *Not the regular edition.
Price: 980 yen (tax included)
Release date: November 22, 2023
“VOCE” Jan. 2024 issue with Sculp Brush
The cover visual of the picture book “GIFT”
The cover visual of the picture book “GIFT”


Special Message

A special video for the "GIFT" picture book with Yuzuru Hanyu and Small

A special video message from Yuzuru Hanyu and a stuffed toy of Small, a character who appears in the "GIFT" picture book has been released. An original reproduction print set for the "GIFT" picture book will also be available for special order at the CLAMP Exhibition.

Video Interview

Yuzuru Hanyu "GIFT" picture book special interview ⑤

"What parts of 'GIFT' do you want readers to pay close attention to?"

Yuzuru Hanyu "GIFT" picture book special interview ④

"What were you thinking of while writing the text for 'GIFT'?"

Yuzuru Hanyu "GIFT" picture book special interview ③

"Do you enjoy creative writing?"

Yuzuru Hanyu "GIFT" picture book special interview ②

"What inspired you to create a picture book?"

Yuzuru Hanyu "GIFT" picture book special interview ①

"Why did you decide to ask CLAMP to do the art?"

Behind the Scenes video

Announcing a special behind the scenes video for the making of the GIFT picture book!

The characters "Big" and "Small" were drawn by CLAMP with inspiration from Yuzuru Hanyu's "GIFT".
This video will follow the making of the book, from creating these two characters to Yuzuru Hanyu wearing the costumes seen in the "GIFT" picture book.


"GIFT" Kodansha, Written by: Yuzuru Hanyu / Illustrated by: CLAMP
Released on December 20, 2023
3,300 yen (tax incl.)
First edition
・2postcards *First edition bonus
AB size / with cover (includes obi)
Page count
64 pages (predicted)


Yuzuru Hanyu
GIFT was born of several ideas and images I brought together to create a story.
One such image involved bringing the story of GIFT to life in a picture book, and I always thought how much I would love for CLAMP to illustrate it. The book gives us a different perspective, separate from how it plays out in the Tokyo Dome performances. I would love for everyone to experience the story from a different point of view through this book.
Born in Miyazaki Prefecture. Competed in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, where he became the first Japanese male figure skater to win the gold meal.
He also won the gold medal at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, becoming the first to win two consecutive Olympic gold medals.
In 2022 he announced he was entering into professional skating, and continues skating professionally to this day.
It was very surprising when we were approached with this proposal.
Hanyu had already forged a new path with the GIFT performances, and now he has envisioned the story as a picture book that we hope to deliver in its full, unfiltered wonder into everyone's hands.
Made their publishing debut in 1989 with "RG Veda" published in volume 3 of the magazine "South".
The group is made up of four members, Satsuki Igarashi, Nanase Ohkawa, Tsubaki Nekoi, and Mokona.
Their work includes titles such as "Tokyo Babylon", "X/1999", "Magic Knight Rayearth", "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle", "xxxHOLiC" and more.
"Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card" is currently being published in "Nakayoshi" (Kodansha).